Friday, 4 November 2011

God's number

Here come a piece of funny chats around God’s phone number

One time chatting about how come some people get luckier than others to get faster approvals on paperwork (from Canadian gov’t), of course we didn’t count bribes, my friend and I hit the question "What is God's number?" We both knew what kind of paperwork we were mentioning and how complicated they are. Mostly no one could answer the question for sure even though they are just passed or failed from that paperwork process. They just can recommend you to do this less and do that more but they never guarantee anything. Does it mean now is the time for creative answers, LOL? We came up with something like this:

My friend: It should depend on people’s destiny. 
[Destiny is defined as a number in our culture. Each person was born with a particular number and no two people have the same number. Each number tells the differences between all events happening in one's lifetime]
Me: What is that number [destiny]? Tell me that number and I’m gonna buy it and own the key to speeding up the paperwork.
My friend: Call God to ask that number!
Me: Ha, God’s number? [Thinking: how come I’ve never thought that God should have a phone number?] What’s His number? Can I find His number on Yellow Pages?
My friend: Maybe 649 or LotoMax, LOL
Me: Nah, I don’t think so, let me Google
My friend: Yeah, LOL
Me: I did google but Mr. Goo [Google] said the question was too hard and he didn’t know the answers. Mr. Goo suggested me to ask Steve Jobs since he’s supposed to be genius.
My friend: Steve Jobs is on the way to there, LOL
[there: the heaven. The conversation was after the day Steve Jobs had died]
Me: I just meant so somehow. Since Steve Jobs works for God now and He didn’t let Steve Jobs serve Mr. Goo for the answers. That’s also why I got no results from Mr. Goo.
My friend: okay, here is the reference you can use:
or 1-800-cloud9
or 1-800-whosurdaddy
or 1-800-judgementday
or 1-800-amwatcthingu
or 1 800 iheaven
(All of the numbers above, dial 00 for operator)
Me: I found the number: 5 320 817 4074
My friend: LOL. Is heaven using different phone number rule from the ground?
Me: Yuppers!

Question for you: Why did I come up with that number?

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