We're the Worm family

This is a little spiritual home for our Worm family. The family currently has two members, WormMom (WM) and WormDad (WD). The most active and only member right now is WM .
WM is a bachelor of computer science. She is around 6 years in computer software industry and 4 years working as engineer team leader and product manager (up to 2011). No surprise, WM will be also soon graduating from a full time PhD of housewife life .

On this blog, WM will try to keep posting all the moments of life and personal expertise on
- food and cooking recipes,
- book and movie reviews,
- amateur photography,
- gardening and crafting work,
- general computer techniques and tips,
- market and business analysis of digital life,
- and software project management.

Welcome to our little Worm family and thank you for your interest!

Nếu bạn thích nhìn ngắm nhà Worm và đọc tiếng Việt thì mời bạn ghé nhà tại http://houseworm.wordpress.com/ nhé!

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