Monday, 25 June 2012

English Vocabulary – Learning aid software, podcast and radio

I used to study new English words with the traditional method which was usually taught at high school in the old days, like getting ready a handful of drafts and trying to write down words as many times as possible until I felt like I remember them. This method followed me many years not because it was good, just because I wasn’t motivated enough to look for any alternatives. The awful result was that the words were forgotten very easily after a short time. This method also didn’t help with pronunciation either.

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Father's Day 2012: Daughter's wishes to Daddy and Daddy's Songs for Daughter

Father's day is here and like any other daughters in over the world, I also want to send my special love and best wishes for my beloved daddy. Absolutely there is not only Father's day, but every day he's always in my mind.  He's with me for every single step; he was the FIRST MAN in my life. Even though I'm living away from him, he's still here with me in my heart. I missed him in my important day of life; however, if he were there, he would happily give my hand to my man and bless us too. He's the generous man who would give me ALL THE BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD for nothing back. I love him!

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Friday, 8 June 2012

Book Review: What the dog saw and other adventures by Malcolm Gladwell

I’ve been reading 4 books from Gladwell so far. However, I think only “Outliers” and this book “What the dog saw and other adventures” inspired me to write a review. Basically, Gladwell’s books usually collected reliable science evidences or research studies to reveal the world in disruptive ways which need the third eye to discover. What was considered as myths or weirdness were explained pretty well in different manners in Gladwell’s books, especially in the cases of mysterious accidents, social phenomena or human psychology. I’m going to give a brief review for “What the dog saw and other adventures” in this post.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Summer trip and wormhome one year anniversary at Niagara Fall

Worm family had a great trip to Niagara Fall area in the last week of May. Let's share some pictures here to keep the good moments. Actually, this time, my camera was out of battery pretty early since we recorded a couple of videos [video recording costs more battery and space than picture taking]. Plus, the camera lenses weren't properly cleaned (so embarrassed me!). I guess I need to take care of my camera better even though it's an old-age one but it's still my best friend though. Those were the reasons that we didn't have great pictures this time, but we still try to share the good ones we have in hand. May summer bring you enough inspirations for great trips like us!

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