Saturday, 16 June 2012

Father's Day 2012: Daughter's wishes to Daddy and Daddy's Songs for Daughter

Father's day is here and like any other daughters in over the world, I also want to send my special love and best wishes for my beloved daddy. Absolutely there is not only Father's day, but every day he's always in my mind.  He's with me for every single step; he was the FIRST MAN in my life. Even though I'm living away from him, he's still here with me in my heart. I missed him in my important day of life; however, if he were there, he would happily give my hand to my man and bless us too. He's the generous man who would give me ALL THE BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD for nothing back. I love him!

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I was crying when I read somewhere the question: have you ever asked yourself how many times left in your life you still can meet your parents face to face? There are thousands of times you may answer if you're living with your parents. There are hundreds of times if you're living in a different city from your parents. However, there are just dozens of times if you're in a half of the world away from your parents. That means I don't have many times left. I've chosen my way and been leading my life on that way without regret. But the only insecure matter in my mind is about my far away family. Life is not perfect, so I cannot get everything; that's also where choices come in. What I can do now is every day in my life, I wish my daddy and my grandparents to be happy and healthy as long as possible. 
To my dear daddy, "today is your day and I'm asking the wind for carrying the best wishes to you on this special day.  Happy Father's day, daddy!"

Long time ago when the first time I heard some daddy's touching songs for his daughter in her wedding day, I already saved them to my heart. Today would be a nice day to share them here, I think. They will be partly reminding me how much daddy has sacrificed to make me today. Those songs cannot alter my dad's presence, but they can help me "feel" him from a far distance. Thanks daddy for having me as the way I am today. 

A Song For My Daughter - Ray Allaire

 Daddys Angel-Perfect New FatherDaughter Wedding Dance Song

Heartland - I Loved Her First 

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