Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Summer trip and wormhome one year anniversary at Niagara Fall

Worm family had a great trip to Niagara Fall area in the last week of May. Let's share some pictures here to keep the good moments. Actually, this time, my camera was out of battery pretty early since we recorded a couple of videos [video recording costs more battery and space than picture taking]. Plus, the camera lenses weren't properly cleaned (so embarrassed me!). I guess I need to take care of my camera better even though it's an old-age one but it's still my best friend though. Those were the reasons that we didn't have great pictures this time, but we still try to share the good ones we have in hand. May summer bring you enough inspirations for great trips like us!

(Close-up view)

We first dropped by Niagara-on-the-lake. This is one of the great shot we captured while driving through one of beautiful roads there. The first feeling about Niagara-on-the-lake is green trees cover everywhere, so quite and pretty! 

Travelling on Friday is a great idea because we don't have to deal with the crowd and its mess. Here is one of empty parking lots out there. I don't think we can find it on weekends. The first impression at this parking  location is the high and flower-covered tree in front. As the label on the trunk, it's called  Horse Chestnut. I wonder if this tree would give the same chestnut I usually buy from groceries? I can see dozens of the similar trees everywhere on the way to the fall (Niagara Fall) too. They are so beautiful and attractive!

We arrived Niagara-on-the-lake around 11AM. From beginning, we didn't plan to visit this place in the trip though. The idea just popped out when we saw its sign on the way. We thus didn't know any attractions around here beforehand. Finally, we just drove around and found the way to a part of the lake. There are many paths and trails lead to the lake. To enjoy the surroundings, we just took a steep one, which later we knew it were designed for trucks, LOL. 

The first eye catching was these tiny wild flowers. They were everywhere under huge trees by the lake. I love the way they are, not too colorful, not too splendid, just simple but pretty. 

Here is the first half of the steep trail we took to get to the lake.

This is ending half of the trail. Also, another kind of wild flower blossomed everywhere here.

We captured a close-up shot. Personally I think they're never less lovely than any other kind of cultivated flowers.

This was one of the rare shots we took at the lake without us inside the picture, LOL. We actually recorded a 2 minute clip of us walking on the shore to capture melodious water sounds too. Very enjoyable! If I'm back here later, I will bring sandals or flip-flops so that I can walk into the water and feel rocks under  my feet. 

After long walking along the lake, we headed back to the ground for our picnic sandwiches. The little bench like this would be ideal for our snack time there. This little red bird also came close by to celebrate the moment with us. 

The stomachs were full and it was time for us to hit the road again. The next destination was Botanic Garden and Butterfly Reservation Garden. These locations were out of the trip plan too. However, we did enjoy them a lot.  The garden was completely green covered with a large amount of huge oak trees and maple trees. Flowers were also everywhere. However, to save the camera battery, we just shot on truly impressions. We can show some caterpillar shots here. 

Now, seriously we are on the way to Niagara Fall. When we first saw this place, we  knew we were very close to the fall. The feeling was so relieved after a long drive. 

And yeah, here we come the fall! The upstream was spreading on a very large area. Water ran non-stop-ably combining with a good green reflection on the surface turned the whole area to a giant scene worth of one of the best world wonders. 

Top view at the upstream, the fall looked just like a perfect white line on a endless green water background.

Right half of the fall gave the best view of the day under hard sunlight.  

Another half of the fall was in the mist and too hard for my camera to get through. However, we could record the complete rainbow in front. 

As it was known, Canada and the U.S are separated by a bridge. Far away on the left side of the fall, we could see Rainbow bridge looming behind the mist. We did not only walk back and forth many times in front of the fall to memorize the scene, but also reached the left [where the bridge was] and right [the fall upstream] ends for a full view. In this picture, Canada is on the left side and U.S is on the right side.

When the dusk came down, we were lucky to be on one of opposite buildings where we could see the fall at higher view. So spectacular!  Even though this was the second time I've been to the fall, my feeling was just as it was the first time. 

Summer means the sun will stay longer up there. After a long day trip with too much walking, we couldn't wait until 9PM to see the illumination system on. We really regret for that, but anyway, that would be a reason for another visit in a near future. Before leaving, the only thing we could do was taking this picture of the illumination board and the decorations surroundings. 

Goodbye to Niagara Fall and hope to see you again every upcoming year. This was also the special trip for our wormhome one year anniversary. Wish our worm family to be forever happy and every next year will be as much happy as the first year was!

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