Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cozy and happy birthday celebration with my family

My birthday just passed a couple of days. I was supposed to post an entry on the right day, yet it was still in my to-do list. I guess now is the time and I need to show my gratitude to my families and friends. I want to tell them I love them. 

Even though I'm living far far away from my first family, my birthday was still full of joys and happiness with the second one beside. As a child, I'm always thankful to my families as they persistently support me in all walks of my life.

With my first family, no matter how bad or good, how mature I am, in front of my family, I'm still a child.  They always look after me, but they stand in distance to look. If I fall, they won't catch me up by sweetness, they give me time to heal and a soft bed to sleep instead. Love is no need to say, it's printed clearly in their eyes. They always trust me and support everything I do. They let me learn to be myself, to be free and to be independent. I think this is one of the most important training strategies to make me today. 

Not less than my first family, happiness has been actually doubled when I'm with my second one. I always find great support from granny, mommy and sister on the long way of new life kickoff. They always give me the best respect as well as encouragement to a positive life ahead. Love is just naturally growing between us. Without them, my worm house can't be as sweet as it is now. And importantly, I also know one thing that they're always there for me whenever I need help. Thank you very much for your all support and the ocean of love you've given us, granny, mommy and sister. 

(Thank you, mommy for blowing balloons for all of us all the time)

(A cozy celebration for me)

(Special favor from sister, the cupcakes are great sis!)

(Many gifts from my loved ones)

Thank you to my friends for sending wonderful birthday wishes on my day as you always did that in previous years. You all are filling spices in my life. 

Of course, thank you to WD. Thank you very much for being with me and share all the tough days in our lives. Thank you for the love without words but full of care. Let's make it for at least 60 years more :). I hope I'm not too greedy. Life is meaningless without you, WD, you know that! You're with me not only on my birthday but also my whole life. Thank you for everything you do to me, to our worm house and to our lives together. IU. 

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