Saturday, 11 August 2012

Impromptu Homemade Dishes

Today I tried out a new feature on Photoshop CS6 called Irish Blur. Actually, I watched a demo on Youtube about this feature for a couple of months ago and loved it right away. The reason was simple. With an old PnS camera, full macro pictures were just in my dream. Flowers and food, however, macro style is always the best choice. There is also awhile I didn't share any food images. I guess now is the moment to combine two of them into one shot. This entry will be the least verbose one ever on my blog too [with brief text and the rest is photo!]

(Boiled okras, red rice, meat balls and shrimp, garlic, soya dipping sauce)

(Bok Choy Pickle with beef)

(Zucchini Almond cupcakes
Recipe is from Cake Bible book by Rose Levy Beranbaum)

(Turkey balls and bamboo tips in tomato sauce.
There are many ways to enjoy this dish, can eat with rice and veggies, or bread)

In case you want to see Irish Blur filter on Photoshop CS6, here is one of the reference:

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