Thursday, 8 March 2012

Make Use of Left Hand

I’m a computer guy and that’s why it’s not surprised that I can sit with my computer for the whole day long and day by day for the whole year. I’ve been doing that for almost 10 years so far. Yep, it’s my job and I cannot get away from that part. That job makes my top concern and pushes me to schedule for physical exercise as much as I can to compensate for the huge idle time in front of a machine.

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I’m right handed; therefore, when it comes to the computer, my right hand is for mouse functioning. I remember years before when I was still the semaphore or junior, there were almost 10 projects (small software) to be done for one semester. After getting all of them done, my right wrist hurt was triggered the first time. From that moment, I knew for sure I will get occupational diseases with my wrist, neck and eyes later if I choose to be a computer guy. Also from that moment, I began caring about all health suggestions and articles to reduce the risk of computer work. I didn’t have any proper solutions for my eyes and neck until LCD monitor and laptop came out popular in the market. Even though I had no money, I still invested a LCD monitor as soon as I could to replace my old CRT. That was another sad story though. The replacement was not fast enough to save me and my eyes finally got near sighted. It’s even sadder when my neck also got hurt before I could afford for a laptop that allows me moving or lying instead of sitting up all the time. Anyhow, just blame for my neglectedness. For a healthier wrist, popping up on my mind that time was the idea which enabled me to use the left hand for the computer mouse.

First of all, it’s absolutely not a good idea to try non dominant hand for urgent tasks or tasks you want to finish as fast as possible. Thus, I still couldn’t switch to left hand over 30% of computer time. Second, it’s extremely hard to convince yourself to start over doing something again like the first time when now you’re already skillful. When using the left hand, the brain actually has to work in a different way it’s used to. That’s why for the long time, my right hand still, seems to get all things done like a big brother. I think it’s just human being nature to avoid the harder ways if (s)he can do it in another easier ways. Well, what comes has come. It was me again in the situation that “it is too late to lock the stable when the horse has been stolen.” My right wrist suffered hurt more and more by time with the extreme burden of work every day and things are going to keep like that forever if there wasn’t a day I determined to change it. I meant I highly determined for it.

Starting from last year I think, I buried myself with the online job market. Since I always wanted to earn money and make business from Internet at least once in my life, I brought myself to that market and taught myself the practical lessons. I had been learning everything from affiliate market to online ads clicking. Of course I have to join available websites to get my own knowledge. With affiliate market, there are a couple of good books; however, it requires mastering at least one knowledge field or at least owning a great website/blog in hand which I didn’t have yet. I chose ads clicking to start, thus. It’s simple task, you just visit websites and click. However, it requires clicking over thousands of ads daily to get the real income if I don’t want to pay money first [reason is: I just don’t want to invest all my time for that job or deal with SCAM]. I absolutely won’t want to ruin my wrist with that kind of experiment. Seamlessly or forcefully, I got my patience and gave chances to make use of my left hand in the situation that I have no choice or else I’m going to lose my right hand.

Time flies. Until now, it has been more than 4 months my left hand is functioning fully or more than 90% of computer time. I still have to use my right hand for drawing or photo editing tasks which occur around 10% of computer time only. I’m so thankful for the moment I got my determination so that now it is able to change my entire life. Because of this great milestone, I want to write this blog entry for first to mark my success and for second to share it with my friends whoever have to work a lot with computers. It’s not easy but it can be done, friends! The biggest milestone I gained as a freshman that I could type by 10 fingers at high speed both characters and numbers without looking at the keyboard in two different languages. Humble but for me, I still count this success as my second milestone for winning myself. From beginning, my left hand just repeated to me everything I got trained for the right hand a decade ago. It was frustrated when you couldn’t do simple things that you could get done in a second just by making one hand-switch. Therefore, it was also high temptation to return to the dominant hand. However, practices bring success is still correct forever. You’ve got to fight to get what you want.

My left hand can master mouse pointing, clicking, dragging and selecting now. But I don’t want to stop there. After using my left hand well with the computer mouse, I’ve being thinking for more. I always wonder whether my right brain can get bigger or more functioning by training my left hand more. And so what is waiting for me at the end? Who knows if it also can be the two-blade sword which one may bring brain benefit and another may bring brain mal-functioning. With simple task like mouse clicking or other tasks which I want to try such as pouring water, brushing teeth, tightening shoes laces, etc. are still safe I think. However, writing is another matter. The brain does think reversing sometimes and idle when you write by a non dominant hand. Bringing those concerns to “ask” Google, I got some interesting articles below from preceding experiments. So far so good, no bad effect found yet.

Benefits of Using Your Opposite Hand – Grow Brain Cells While Brushing Your Teeth:

Please note that you don’t need a specific mouse for left handed person to practice. Just use your current mouse for both hands. You don’t need to configure anything on your operating system either. Use your brain and reverse your fingers only. Left middle finger acts like right index finger. Left index finger acts as right middle finger. As much change you need, as much delay you cause would lead to the failure.

By this post, I ONLY would like to recommend you to start making use the non dominant more (left hand for right handed person or right hand for left handed person) with simple tasks. For other risky experiments, please take your time to research before trying them.

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