Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cherry Blossom at High Park (Toronto)

The winter is pretty mild this year, so cherry blossoms are blooming a couple of weeks earlier than other years. Visiting High Park around this April, you can immerse into the romantic space of cherry blossoms. In my own opinion, cherry blossoms here in Toronto can't compete the ones in Japan or Korean after viewing same pictures from my friends at those locations. However, I still think they all bring the same joys to viewers. Picking up one petal from the ground, the first feeling comes to mind is "it is too thin and too tender," just like Vietnamese apricot. But it is a completely different story when those vulnerable petals intertwine to each other and ringing in the wind. They now form a wonderful masterpiece of nature. If you are visiting or living in Toronto, you properly won't want to miss this-once-in-a-year-scene. 

On a sunny day with a little windy at around 10°C, imagine that you are lying on a sheet under these cherry blossom trees and enjoy fresh air, falling petals and bird songs, is that called AWESOME? Well, this comes a perfect corner for that purpose. 

This corner is not bad either, right?

So how about this one?

Here are what they look like when you look up

(Milky road? A very long branch)
(Intertwined branches and flowers)
(Under the beautiful sun)

Walking around trails, here comes the breathtaking beauty


(You see a group of people on the right side?
They were taking wedding photos. It is a good idea for sure.)

(I counted and yeah, almost every visitor took picture with this tree)
Cherry blossoms make High Park more romantic. However, High Park itself is already poetic. I also took some unmissable scenes there and I think High Park is a great place for BBQ in summer too. 

(Calm, quite and peaceful)

Hope you enjoy my High Park tour and take your time for your own one this year!

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