Saturday, 14 April 2012

Frozen grapes - Ice Cream Alternatives?

I read somewhere before mentioning some sort of info like this: feeling ice cream fantastic your tongue but upset your weight? It's time for frozen fruits. 
I've been tried frozen blueberries and grapes since then. More than a good choice, frozen fruits absolutely surprise my tongue as much as their fatty friend ice cream. Of course, I won't eliminate ice cream completely as well as I won't recommend you doing that; it's still very enjoyable sometimes, especially the homemade one 

Frozen grapes
Actually I think everyone knows how to freeze fruits with a home-used freezer (or so called fridge), so there is no time waste for an instruction anyway. This post is just to introduce a different way to enjoy fruits instead. It's always true that fresh fruits are better than frozen ones somehow. Thus, I usually don't freeze fruits until I know for sure I cannot finish them soon enough before they get spoiled. The weather is getting warmer day after day, and I guess spring may skip and give summer the chance to show up early too. You may find it's worthy for trying this new ice "fruit" instead of the regular ice cream, at least your waist will thank you. And last but not least, this is also a perfect way to avoid wasting food since fruits tend to be spoiled very fast. Let's fruits ease warm days!

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