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PR approval, Sudbury trip and work

Finally I could find time to write something here after an extremely busy month. My life is moving to a new page now. 

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After waiting for almost a year,  I'd got the permanent residence (PR) approval and officially been able to work again. During the entire waiting year, I would say the only stress to me was finance. Others were wonderful.  I love that period of time so much because I had studied a lot by my own. That was a wonderful transition time in my life ever. 

Started since the beginning of September, I rolled myself into job hunting and interviews. The goal for me was getting a new job in my field within 6 months. I had been working at management position for the last 3 year before quitting the old company. However, I also knew that, with the new landing job, I couldn't expect to sit on a management position right away. Therefore, my goal was finding a job in my field first and hopefully I would work it out in a couple of years. 

During September, I registered more than 50 job posting websites and sent my resume to more than 100 companies. I also joined job fair and networked with people in my field from there. LinkedIn was also in my list for job search. At the same time, I also tried to connect to people from my country in Canada. More than anyone else, those people understood what I was dealing with since we shared the same culture and circumstance. Similarly,  I had been watching many videos on Youtube about the same subject, for example, here are two of them.  

After rolling deep into the job market, I got some phone calls for screening and face-to-face interviews. That was the good feedback to me because it proved me that my resume worked. Fortunately, I got what I paid for. Things turned out faster than I thought. Just during 2 weeks, a chain of events happening continuously in my life. I landed on a job in my field and started working from October 15. That meant I found the job just one month after my  PR approval. And yeah, it was so fast that I got the job before I really hold the PR card in my hand. My formality PR landing interview was planned on November 26. That means I will not be able to see my PR card until December.

Now, sitting here and writing these words, I've been working for 2 weeks. I know it will be tough for the first couple of months, however, I also believe that my will is strong enough to lead me far. What I can say here is that, when I work hard enough, focus enough, thrive enough, I will get partly or entire what I want. The funny thing during these days was that, when one good thing started to knock the door of my life, everything else came and fell behind it in a perfect order. Yay! my life is again extremely busy now with housework, (at least) 8 hours at work, 3 hours commuting, online courses, cooking and reading (no baby yet!!!!). It's indeed hard to find time for entertainments. However, I won't stop there, I know the job just helps me get over my finance strain, I need to keep myself up all the time, especially to upgrade my knowledge, or else, I will fall into the same trap like I did with the old company.

To me, with the limited time now, it doesn't matter how fast I can learn, it does matter how persistent I am on the learning curve. Anyway, let's celebrate for now.

Guessing in advance how busy life will be, our worm family actually tried the best and arranged a long trip before my first day of work though. It was a wonderful trip to Sudbury, a neighbour city within 4 to 5 hour one way driving from Toronto. No matter how hard the trip was when we just had a 3 day trip in the rush, we got home late on Sunday, we both had to work on Monday, we were exhausted and dragged for the whole week after, we still enjoyed the trip a lot. In those 3 days of the trip, the weather also changed dramatically from sunny (from Toronto to Sudbury)  to cloudy (the day in Sudbury) and finally entire day raining cats and dogs (while visiting provincial parks and on the way home).  I would say the weather really enjoyed the trip with us ;).

Aside the awesomazing sightseeing, Sudbury also engraved in my mind those little Inuksuks ( following us all the way. They are the evidence of little things make big differences. If you go to Sudbury, try to count them and let me know how many of them you can recognize ;). 
(one Inuksuk, picture from the Internet)
Here are some pictures from our trip and a short video recording our memorable time. See you again in the future, Sudbury!

On the way from Toronto to Sudbury

From Sudbury to Windy Lake and Jackson's Lookout 

Killarney Provincial Park

Fun driving

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  1. Love the pictures of Sudbury. That's an interesting town to visit, it looks very serene and calm. Great post!


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