Friday, 5 October 2012

Self-study, self-organizing and self-push are the strongest power for life

Today I just walked through the video titled "Shimon Schocken: The self-organizing computer course" on and I cannot refrain myself from sharing it on my blog. 

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You can watch the video here on Youtube:

This video inspires me to write something here. This post is mostly for adults who at least graduated from one institute and wants to continue education afterwards.

It took me almost two years in my life to really absorb the motto: 
if you know only one way to study is going to school, you actually don't know how to study yet

If you're insulted by what I'm talking above, well, tell me your opinion. You're always welcome. 

I've been through many conversations with my friends and people around me about studying. Not surprising to me that more than 90% of people who told me they loved to study, wanted to get back to school for continuing education and complained about not able to find time and financial support. Similarly, the same amount of times I told them that they didn't really need schools to study unless they need formal certificates or any purposes other than gaining knowledge. Why was I so confident to say that? Let me list out some cases here! 
  1. If you don't have time, are you sure schools will give you time instead of making time yourself? Why you want to go back to school when you cannot arrange your time pocket yet? What is the point here? 
  2. If you don't have money, why do you need to be in debt for education unless you need a formal certificate/diploma?
  3. If you have too much time and don't know what to do, common! Are you expecting schools help you to spend time?
  4. If you don't know what to study and just go to school anyway, what will you do at school then? Can you finish school or can school tell you what you really want?
  5. If your parents want you to study, is that your parents will have to support you for your whole life? If yes, just listen to them and make them happy. Don't worry, you will not be able to self-support in all sorts. 

I've been in the situation that there was full of time in the pocket but no pennies. That situation taught me a lot about studying. Even though the whole time was so tough, I've been so appreciated to experience it in my life. It was like an interrupt which helped me see through myself clearer. Without that period of time, I can say that I will be never mature enough (at least compared with the time I am now). The biggest lesson to me was that the most powerful thing in this world is self-push force. Following my own schedule, I've been not less busy than any full-time worker. 

What I saw was that, as long as you are studying or working under some external push (from the boss, from your parents, from the society rules, from your religion, from financial strain...), you can never develop more than the shell you're confined in. Those external pushes are the shells that you're voluntarily stayed inside. One day when the force is gone, you will lose your direction and control. You will lose the meaning of life. I don't say it's bad to lose those factors [because many people are still able to live a fine life without them], but what I mention here is that it will be a miss of life and you just cannot discover your power. Remember, it's always easier to work under someone's push than yourself's push. It's always tougher to win yourself than others. Friends, find your self-power! Take the control! If you want to study, go find equipment (books, videos, free online courses, machines, furniture...) and move your assets to achieve your goals. Discover your self-esteem before it's too late. "Life is too short to drink from small cups." 

If you by accident read this post because you're trying to know and improve yourself, the only thing I really want to tell you is that: build your own discipline and work by your own push. Self-push self-push and self-push! Work like you can never have the second chance!

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