Saturday, 5 January 2013

First Guitar and A Long Journey Kickoff

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! How was your long holiday? My holiday was great for sure. There was time with family, time for relaxing, and time for gifts, LOL. Aside all lovely gifts from my family, I also rewarded myself a new and special 'toy'. I've been wishing for this 'toy' for more than 2 years so far.  Finally I got it! Hopefully this 'toy' will bring me back to the long postponed journey - the dream to be an amateur guitarist.

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I had to research awhile before getting this guitar tho. From beginning, I actually wanted an acoustic guitar, not classical one. The reason was simple, I didn't dream a dream of a professional guitarist who masters solo classical guitar. I just wish to be able to strum and sing myself. If taking higher than that, maybe I can strum for someone singing just for fun in group meeting or camping. 

Well said, so why did I get a classical guitar then? The reason is very very simple, reducing the pain on my fingers in practices. I don't know how good the decision is, but I hope it will help. 

Back home, I used to buy a couple of guitars, but none of them satisfied me actually. The biggest problem for a starter like me is that I don't know much about guitar buying as well as playing. It's very very hard to buy an acceptable one within budget without help from a good guitar player. Sadly, I have no helper around. I had to either take a chance and buy one to kick off my journey or leave my dream there forever. I just picked one and here comes my choice :)
This is actually the cheapest one at the store, yet it's still very charming. For a beginner, I don't need a fortune guitar. I'm totally able to upgrade to a better one anytime later if I don't quit practicing after a year. The most important matter here is how long my perseverance can last.  I used to quit guitar at least 2 times before, so this is like giving me another chance to start over again.

Since I don't have either time or money to study with a teacher, my lessons are mainly from the Internet. There are a lot of free and good stuff out there. I'm right now a follower of at beginner's level. You can check the site out if you're interested. Definitely I have no idea who Justin is, except how he appears in his videos. However, I appreciate his great job there and my words here are also my thanks to him!

Now, having enough tools and materials in hands, I'm just taking my own pace and work out under my own control. I'm not day-dreaming to shine in one day; instead, I hope to be able to manage some simple chords and songs after the first 6 months. It's always true to say 'more haste, less speed'. Therefore, my goal for this year is that I won't quit either meditation or guitar practices. Easier said than done, right? Okay, just let the stone roll for now! I'll get back to you on this topic in some posts in the future! 

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