Saturday, 29 December 2012

First snow storm, winter is finally here!

Just want to share some pictures of the first snow storm right after X'mas here. Snow slows down my steps, snow is cold, but snow is fun :). I love snow and the old winter man!

The first morning right after the snow storm, my very first activity of the day was walking to a bus stop, kinda extreme and fun! The feeling was like a pioneer who finds the sidewalk for the rest of the world, LOL!

This is a part of Bloor Street West, close to Spadina subway station.

Bikes with their friends all are waiting for their beloved owners. Not pretty sure what they were chatting about tho.

A corner right in front of Spadina subway station. 

The play ground right behind my building, everything is still there but no kids around anymore. 

Snow coating ...

Nobody is here ...

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