Saturday, 9 February 2013

I'm in love with Ukulele

First of all, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR to my friends and family. A year past, a year of dragon, a year of pain, yet also a year of joy and success. May the new year, a year of snake, bring you health, happiness and prosperity. 

Secondly, I'll introduce you to my new love, Ukulele. 

(Image source: from the Internet)
I've just encountered Ukulele in person once at a guitar store and a couple of times at our mediation gatherings. However, I feel my love growing non-stop with this instrument, both in shape and sound.

I'm so much in love with it that I really want to imitate the same sound whenever I can. What I do is that, I usually put a capo at fret 9 on my guitar and enjoy the Ukulele-like-sound in my daily practice routine.

Properly this cute instrument will be my next attempt after guitar. I cannot help myself for so long, its sound knocks me down completely from the first time, but in a good way!

The good news is that this instrument is far cheaper than a guitar. The cheapest guitar would be around 5 times more expensive than the cheapest Ukulele. That means it won't be too hard to own a Ukulele. Since I've just started learning guitar for a month, I don't want to jump so fast. If I get a Ukulele now, I may jam myself so much at once and the chance to give up the whole thing is very high. However, I promise myself, some day, I'll bring a Ukulele home. 

For now, fortunately, Youtube is always available to serve my ears. Let's see if you also fall in love with it!

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