Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pows or Pork Steamed Buns or Banh Bao - Whatever you want to call it!

I've been looking for Banh Bao from every single Vietnamese restaurant I've been to. However, I was not lucky enough to find exactly the one we had back home. All of them were a kind of Chinese dim sums or dumplings. I wanted our Banh Bao so badly. I missed our Banh Bao, and thus I made it. 

(Image Source: from the Internet, found by Google Image Search)

After googling around for the recipe, I found out that it was not hard to make Banh Bao from scratch at all. I was so much hesitated before because I thought it must be very very and very hard, LOL. Honestly, if there is something to complain, I would say making Banh Bao is a time consuming task. That's it!

OK, here is the main part. I followed the instruction here, very simple and very easy to understand:

I was funny that I made a big mistake in measurement. I read power sugar but I put granulated sugar, oops! They look almost the same, right? Fortunately, I recognized it before pouring the milk into the mixture, or else my Banh Bao would turn out as some sweet buns, LOL. I fixed it by removing 1/3 cup of granulated sugar. The good thing was the buns turned out not bad at all. 

One more thing, if I've ever made Pow again, I properly reduce the egg amount per one bun or use quail eggs instead. We've not really eaten eggs or pork a lot recently. The recipe didn't mention about green onion and whole black pepper. I think adding those two will increase the bun flavor a lot too. That's why there is always the second chance, isn't it? Let's have a look at my first attempt now!

(Banh Bao just came out of the steamer )
I actually ate two of them at once after they came out of the steamer, without thinking about taking a pic inside, so embarrassed but fun though! To know how they look like inside, you can check out the video, or the image on the top of this post. That image was collected from the Internet to demonstrate here because it resembles well my bun inside, just a bit less juicy.  

Now, I can enjoy Banh Bao to celebrate late Valentine's day and early Family's day! Yay! Stormy days with  steaming Banh Bao in hands. Life is wonderful just by that simple way! Happy Family's Day, people!

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