Saturday, 10 August 2013

Free app: My favorite PDF Reader ever for both Windows and Android

I've been a user of Foxit Reader for more than 5 years. I feel like I'm responsible for a thank, and Foxit is deserved a post on my blog. Yeah, if you're looking for a free and compact PDF reader, you know its name now: It's very simple and does the great job as a reader. 

I'm still using version 5.4, but if you want a newer version, feel free to go straight to Foxit's website. I just love what I have and keep using it. Since I started using this reader, I've never bothered to see how Adobe Reader was doing. I was so tired with Adobe's reader because it was taking up more and more both memory and disk space. Whenever opening a PDF file with it, I felt like waiting forever. With Foxit, well, just a couple of seconds, your document is ready in front of you. The best part of Foxit is that it is very small; therefore, it's fast. 

For me, a PDF reader at least supports PDF format and file rotation. The requirement sounds very simple, but surprisingly not many free eReaders can support, especially those apps for Android tablets. I've been using Foxit all years long on my laptop, but I was not aware of it on Android platform. Recently, I've just got a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 inch from a bank promo. The tablet was installed a default reader from Google. However, that reader could never rotate my PDF document. I ended up with 2 days stretching my eyes on subway to read tiny texts in the portrait mode. Finally, I couldn't bear any more, so I decided to search for a better reader. After reading a couple of reviews on the Internet, I tried more than 5 readers (including Aldiko, Moon++, Kindle, Nook, Free PDF Reader by Ivan Ivanenko). I got fed up with all of them. Aldiko looks great, but it cannot work properly in landscape mode. It cannot show a single page to fit the screen. If I zoom in to read the full page, I cannot slide to the next page until I zoom the page out back to the original size. Surprisingly annoying! Moon++ is more ridiculous that the free version cannot even open a PDF file, a sucker to me! Kindle and Nook require logging in with an account. FreePDF cannot satisfy my need to read in landscape mode. I was so tired to try more even though there were other 4 or 5-star apps on Google Play Store (ezPDFReader - not free, Solo PDF reader...). Then, suddenly, WD told me "use Foxit!" Ah ha, why didn't I search for Foxit on Android? Fortunately, I found it, it rocks!!!!! The landscape mode works as what I expect. I love Foxit even more now!

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