Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Blog is Two Year Old – Happy Second Birthday!

One more year has passed. Compared with last year, this year, I could make just about 20 posts. That is a modest number, but it is still able to show my effort and determination to maintain my cyber space here. My life has turned to many important pages just in one year. Those changes are the main factors occupying all of my time budget. Therefore, the time left for this space is also cut short. Anyway,  I can keep going on with my stories below. For now, happy second birthday to my dear blog!

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Similar to the first birthday post, this is the perfect time to review my activities in 2013.

Goal: Keep reading more books
Achievement: Not so good. I just finished two books for the entire year, and I couldn't make time to write a review for "The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey" yet. 
Rate: Not too bad since my time was split for something else.

Goal: Take driver license knowledge test.
Achievement: None.
Rate: Cannot make time for this yet. Not good at all.

Goal: Earn money.
Achievement: I got a full time job from last year October, almost a year now. This is the biggest success for the year. No need to explain more, this one also occupies my good 8 hours a day, which is 2/3 of daily active time. 
Rate: Excellent

Goal: More useful and professional posts for my blog. Maintain it at least 4 posts a month.
Achievement: I could maintain only 1 post per month. This is not very good, but something is better than nothing, especially with my tight daily schedule. The good thing was that I've started some professional posts for installation development. I will keep posting more for this area. 
Rate: OK

Goal: Be useful for at least one volunteer job, the purpose is helping people after me.
Achievement: Yes, I’m trying to help the followers from a community forum. Last year, I received almost 30 emails to ask for consultancy. I responded to all of them with the best info in my hand. 
Rate: 70%

Goal: Put at least one market plan for a start-up seriously on papers. Or deploy it if possible.
Achievement: I had set up a plan but not worth calling “a start-up” plan yet. However, I joined a lot of online courses to pursue this goal. Currently, I'm in the "Startup Engeneering" course running by Coursera as well. My Bridging program at YorkU is also aiding for this goal at the end. Soon I will start my classes for bussiness (management, law and communication) there. I hope I will do well. 
Rate: Very good

Goal: Study one new English word a day and remember as many proverbs as possible.
Achievement: I neglected so much on this goal. Just studying randomly depending on my mood. The good thing is that I attended the IEP JumpStart session at YorkU. This class revised and corrected a lot of English mistakes I've been making for my entire life. I also wrote a lot of essays in both formal and informal by completing assignments for this class. 
Rate: OK.

Goal: Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.
Achievement: Yeah, I have to. I wake up around 4:30AM to 5:30AM every morning and go to bed around 10:30PM to 11:30PM every night. I obey this schedule strictly so that I can accomplish all tasks for the day (assignments from YorkU, assignments and quizzes from my 3 online courses and my full time job).
Rate: Excellent.

Goal: Do exercise everyday or at least 3 days a week.
Achievement: I can maintain stretching and meditating for 30 mins to 1 hour a day, 3 to 4 days a week. On average, I think the goal went pretty well.
Rate: OK

I've done a lot of online courses as posted here as well. They help me a lot in both my personal life and my professional job. Unless my time is too tight, I will try to follow this studying path as long as possible.

In short, I’m still at the good pace. I wish my cyber home would be always active and useful in the upcoming year.

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