Friday, 16 December 2011

Food ideas for napa cabbages - Let's roll them!

Usually, cabbages can be boiled, stirred, pickled (famous Korean Kimchi) or used for soup. To make the recipe less boring, I rolled them this time. Napa cabbage leaves are perfect for food wrapping.

na·pa cab·bage/ˈnapə/

(From Internet)
A cabbagelike Chinese plant whose long, white leaves are used in salads and cooking.

With wrapped food, you're extremely flexible in choosing the stuffing materials; whatever coming up to your mind are all good enough. Followings are the recipes with whatever I have in my fridge.

Salmon and needle mushroom rolls: 

  • season salmon (a little salt, sugar and black pepper) and slice them as thin as you wish. Remove skin if you don't enjoy fish skin. You can also buy the available sliced salmon from grocery.
  • a couple of onion leaves (chives), wash and split them separately as long strings. Boiled them a little bit to use as ties later (can also use microwave to boil them)
  • a couple of snow peas and Chinese broccoli
  • 5 or 6 leaves of napa cabbage, remove the thick white stem. Be careful to not tear the big left and right areas. They're used to wrap everything up. With 5 leaves, you can make10 or more rolls.
    Note: Don't through away the thick stems, you can boil and eat them all
  • on a surface, put a half of napa cabbage leaf with 2 snow peas, 1 salmon slice, a couple of needle mushroom, 2 small thin stems of Chinese broccoli on top. Wrap everything inside the cabbage leaf and tie the roll with one onion leaf at the end. Since raw leaf is harder to manage than the boiled one, you can twist the leaf a little bit to make them neat and tidy. 
  • it's okay to keep the rolls in your fridge around 2 or 3 days. Whenever you want to eat, just boil them with pure water or soup or whatever (e.g: Vietnamese hotpots) around 2 to 3 minutes. You will have the food ready on the spot.
    If you don't want to lose food nutrients by boiling into water, you still can grill the rolls around 10 to 15 minutes each side (depending on your oven, check them regularly to make sure they're not burnt). 
after wrapping, here are the rolls

Here are they after 1 day in the fridge, still very fresh

Raw rolls, boiled before eating

Grilled rolls (taken at night under amber light)

Chicken nugget rolls:
This recipe is faster than the other one if you have some chicken nuggets in your freezer. The dish will be served right after finishing.

  • Bake around 5 chicken nuggets. If you like cheese, can put some shredded cheese on top at last 5 minutes of baking. Or if you like cream cheese, just put it on top of the nuggets after finishing baking. 
  • Slice one tomato into thin circles. 
  • 5 or 6 leaves of napa cabbage, cut leaves into two halves by the length (can slice the stems thinner if they're too thick and hard). Be careful to not tear the big left and right areas. They're used to wrap everything up. With 5 leaves, you can make10 or more rolls.
    Boiled all the leaves around 1 to 2 minutes and drain the water out. 
  • On a surface, wrap one chicken nugget with two slices of tomato and black pepper into one half of boiled cabbage leaf. Gently cut each roll into two parts so that it's easier to eat. 

Cooked rolls, eating right away
Both of the dishes, can be served with ketchup (the simplest sauce you can find), mayonnaise or Vietnamese garlic fish sauce.

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