Saturday, 24 December 2011

Xmas Project with Santa Claus - Christmas tree, gifts, decorations and ornaments SiteMap
I've been waiting so long to reveal my Xmas project with Santa Claus this year. Finally it's Christmas Eve now. I guess the zero hour is here, isn't it?

The special outline for my special project 2011 is here:
  • Two birthday gifts and birthday cards for two special persons 
  • Three Xmas cards for our dearest family and relatives
  • Shopping and wrapping gifts for around 7 persons
  • Put up the Xmas tree 
  • DIY as much as possible 
  • Before December 20th 
Human resources:
  • Wormmom
  • Save up as much as possible for this special year 
Final review:
  • The project had be done around December 14th which was 5 days before deadline
  • Cost is lower than xxxCAD which is in budget 
  • Here come some concrete results

Xmas card 1 - face 1
Xmas card 1 - face 2
Xmas card 2 - face 1
Xmas card 2 - face 2
Xmas card 3 - face 1
Xmas card 3 - face 2
Birthday card - face 1
Birthday card - face 2
Angel on the top of my Xmas tree
Ornaments - bird - over 30 year old, LOL
Ornarments - owl
Xmas tree with all DIY gifts under it

Some bonus pictures taken around street corners.
Dancing lights
Static lights


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