Friday, 13 January 2012

The Second Tet Away

[Some words about Lunar New Year before the post for my family]
Tet is the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. Even though Vietnamese's New Year celebration is happening at the same days as Chinese's. However, I don't like when people ask me if I celebrate for Chinese's New Year. I'm Vietnamese, I'm not Chinese and never be Chinese. China originally created Lunar Calendar, but the Lunar New Year is not only for Chinese. If you can't remember Tet or other words for different countries, please just say "Happy Lunar New Year" to us. We're thankful for that. 

The Second Tet Away

Granny once asked me why I had told her that I would be away from home just 1 to 2 years for maximum; but this Tet, I’m still away. [Tet is the most important holiday that family members are supposed to back home.] 

Well, how to answer her? I can’t tell her about all issues in my life, just worry her more. She’s still thinking because I have a lot of fun in the new land so that I just forget my home. How such thing can be true? I’m not distressed or miserable at all, but can’t say that I forget my family, never! However, I’d rather let her think like that than telling her in details. It’s too hard for her to catch up with the modern life, especially from a place she can’t even imagine about. I miss my family, yes, I miss her the most. When I’m away, who’s helping her remove the itchy gray hairs and bringing her to rare short breaks at noon? Who’s talking to her whenever she’s depressed by over-thinking? Who’s asking her to take medicine whenever she’s sick? My grandpa’s eyes went worse too.  I didn’t know who would take care of his eyes when the eye slashes kept touching the eye balls. Many questions have been surrounding me for days by days. Two years away, I’ve learnt to satisfy with the answers I got. My cousins and my aunt couldn’t replace me, but at least they’re very helpful. I’m thankful. That makes me feel better whenever I think about my grandparents.

Oh and my dad? He is now with the new marriage, at least I know who is taking care of him and he’s happy. The best news he brought me last year was that he stopped drinking, no more "drinking nonstop" . That was my dream for years and it came true last year, hurray papa!

He also starts planting orchids, growing ducks and chickens now. When still there, I used to insist him on farming again but not too heavy like 10 years ago. First, farming will keep him healthy and fit. Second, he has less time to hang out with neighbours and drink. He didn’t really take my words until his new marriage. Now his wife is working in farming industry, with her, he is back. I have to say that daughter’s words just went ear to ear but wife’s words did stay long.  It’s sad, isn’t it? . Frankly, I feel okay as soon as my dad is better; no matter he took my advice or his wife’s .  Oh, just one thing, I did remind him to vaccinate the poultry but he didn’t follow the correct procedure. I guess he didn't listen to his wife on this part either . And the result was, the last H5N1 (bird flu) killed all of them, but I won’t worry much. He’ll learn how to make it better this year.

About going back to visit, I did book a flight ticket to go back home for this Tet. Too bad I had to cancel it at the last minutes, sad but I think I did the best I could for now. Even though I can’t make it, my home is still always in my heart, always here, in my soul. Grandma, grandpa, papa, I’ll be home as soon as I can. Happy TET holiday to my beloved family!

Chúc mừng năm mới. 

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