Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Get set, 2012! New year goals

2012 is officially present here and now in over the world more than one week. I was so proud of myself that finally I was able to change my life and dared to make an important decision in 2011. I had the wonderful year that most of my friends would be jealous. I had all my time to do whatever I loved. 

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I'm thankful that I can live those days without thinking about money. I'm thankful for my family's sacrifices. Well, money is always necessary but it’s not everything. If I keep thinking about money, I will never escape from what I should have done for long time ago.  Again and again, just stop sometimes in my life and ask these 2 things to orientate myself,

- am I doing the best I can do yet? If I didn’t do my best yet, go and do it. If I did, go to the next one.

- do I give my best for a worthy person, a worthy job, a worthy cooperation or a worthy dream?  If the answer is no, I’d better change since it’s even worse than the answer “no” for the first question.

During the year, the invaluable thing I recognized that I understood myself even more than I thought. I was pretty surprised that I still could find out dark corners of myself after those long years studying and practicing. I guess it’s going to take my whole life to find all of them out, or even my whole life isn't enough for that journey? Just try!

This post is to set my goals for 2012. So, here they are:
  • Read more books and fix the time for reading every day (not keep lowing its priority by “busy” excuses all the time). Also read all important the electronic books on my laptop. Well, the list was around 12 books for food photography, 3 Vietnamese books (I brought around 15 books with me last year and 3 left), 1 PMP book from my mentor, 3 books about online earning, 2 books about doing research work, 1 book about Advanced Excel, 1 book about Java Script, HTML5… However, I know for sure I won’t finish them all at the end of 2012, but I’ll try to read at least 10 books totally.
  • Take driver license knowledge test.
  • Earn money.
  • More useful and professional posts for my blog. Maintain it at least 4 posts a month.
  • Be useful for at least one volunteer job, the purpose is helping people after me.
  • Put at least one market plan for a start-up seriously on papers. Or deploy it if possible.
  • Study one new English word a day and remember as many proverbs as possible. It’s funny that the goal is just for 1 new word. However, as much English you know, as much harder to get more. Just put the feasible goal here. 1 word a day, 365 words a year, not bad!
  • Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.
  • Do exercise everyday or at least 3 days a week.

When we put down more than 3 goals, actually it’s likely no list at all. So I just focus on 3 items at a time and hope that I can keep the pace for the entire year. Building a good habit is not one day task, it’s counted for a long-term run, by months, by years. May 2012 bring me the excellent opportunity or the opposite, but I still promise to work like I always do and keep my positive thinking. Welcome you, 2012 buddy!

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