Thursday, 26 January 2012

Carrot soup with miso and sesame

Feeling like eating miso soup? If so, you're not alone. Recently I also feel missing that soup so much. I don't know why, maybe because I haven't had that soup for so long. And yeah, it was also randomly I read a post from about carrot soup with miso and sesame 1 week ago. I felt like big idea coming together from two strangers 

I was a bit lazy to cook something new while running behind my own schedule these days. That was why the idea was there but I didn't make anything yet. It's my bad habit that whenever a new food idea comes to my mind, I can't take it out until I can cook it . It seems like that habit wins again this time since I couldn't hold longer and finally made the soup yesterday. If you like the taste of miso soup, you'll love this soup for sure. It tastes pure and refreshing, and good is the only word to describe it. 

Since I usually don't follow any recipe 100%, I tend to follow the skeleton only, the rest is assigned to my creativity. If you want to find the recipe, here it is

My soup, I just used 2 big carrots I had in my fridge, 1 small onion, white sesame seeds in my cupboard and miso powder from the packages (got from grocery long time ago).

I think not only carrot, pumpkin and other veggies would be good to go with this soup. Just let your creativity lead your food. It's fun though. I'll make pumpkin miso soup next time. Love it! love it!

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