Monday, 22 August 2011

Taco - Mexican dish

Today, I treat Worm family my first Mexican Taco dish for dinner. I knew the dish the first time when eating out with some former co-workers. Since I don’t have much time today, I bought Taco shells from store. I don’t really like those shells since they’re too hard and crispy. I love the soft shells better. I’ll make my own shells next time or at least buy the soft ones.

Here is my simple recipe:
  • Season ground beef with Taco flavor and green onion. Fry just right since the beef is cooked very fast. In my case, actually I used beef because it was the big leftover I couldn’t finish for a week. Now is the chance to clean it up. I don’t put extra oil to fry; the beef supports moisture by itself.
  • Dice or slice tomatoes, depend on personal taste
  • Cut lettuce into long and thin strings
  • Mix and cut herbs finely
  •  Prepare a small bowl of shredded cheese
  •  Taco sauce and hot sauce (optional)
  •  Taco shells
Everything ready will look like this:

Are you ready? Now, stuff shells:

Put the sauce on and enjoy!

I don't really know the rule to stuff the shells, however, I find it's easier if putting beef at the bottom, sauce right after beef and the veggies on top. 

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