Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Windows7: Using Library to optimize operation on folder

I've been using Windows 7 Library some months even though Windows 7 was installed as default on my laptop for some years. Here is the reason I came up with Libraries. Recently, I open many folder to work at a time and yeah, my file system is complicated by time too. I always need to save many documents on these scattering folders. Let's say, I need to save new recipes into my Cooking folder, save skill-set knowledge into PM and its sub folders (Scripts, Leadership, Small Project, A+, Agile, IPv6 ...) and maybe some other folders for Health concern. It's tedious to browse into sub folders all the time when saving files into different topics.
Here is the solution: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/libraries

It's easy to create Libraries in Windows7. Just open Windows Explorer, you should see Library node on the left panel. Click on it and now just create new Library like you usually did with File or Folder. After creating a new Library, access its property and browse to the target folders. In my case, I have some libraries to be short-cuts of long long path listed above. Now, needn't to say, I save a lot of time on my daily job. Imagine you save on Word, Paint or whatever software, just select the corresponding library on the left side and press Enter. The Libraries are exactly the references of real folders. Libraries are just virtual concept, they're not a real file system.

To make my folders or libraries even much easier to access, I create short-cut key for them too. Simply create their shortcut on desktop or whenever you want. Access their properties and start assigning short-cut keys for them, for instance, Ctrl + Shift + I for Image folder. These short-cut keys will work at system level, you can open them anywhere even though you're working on other programs. Thus, should be careful to not assign same short-cut key combination for many programs. In my case, if I usually use Photoshop, Ctrl + Shift + I won't be an ideal key combination for my personal folder since that key combination is used for reversing selection in Photoshop.
Hope the small tip will bring the big fun for daily work!

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